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Babydoll Puppe


Yesterday, during a clean up I saw this little pink feet, obviously a doll. So I took it and wanted to put it into the recycle box. Before I dropped it I looked at  it. One eye was pressed into the head, and I was glad that I did not had to sleep in a room together with this scary thing. Then I recognized that the good eye was turning from the left to the right, and I took a closer look.


It has fascinated me, so I turned the doll into the light. The lost eye came back to its place by moving the puppet upside down, and for the first time I saw a beauty in a Doll. I had a nostalgic, old, well made toy in my hand. „May I take your picture?“ “ Yes of course, and get my friends too.“ I could not ever imagine that I will find myself playing with dolls ☺ Believe me, they told me some amazing stories.

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